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Micromarkets are the future of the catering and fresh food vending industry. Offering an alternative to the vending machine, Our systems are a self service option that offers a high street experience in your work canteen.

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By definition, a micromarket is a custom designed market or mart with a self-checkout kiosk. Micromarkets can replace current vending programs, or act as a supplementary option for employees and staff. Micro markets provide users with a convenience store feel with vending options and prices.

Micromarkets offer a range of benefits, including the ability to be open 24/7 with a cashless payment kiosk which means that you are able to offer fresh food at any time of the day, particularly useful if your business is open 24/7 or you employ night shift workers.

We offer a wide range of cold or heat-to-eat fresh food, snacks and both hot or cold drinks at one of our Micromarkets which offers you lots of variety and the opportunity to offer meal deals to your employees. 

Our Micromarkets aim to enhance the traditional canteen environment and ensure the customer experience is simple and convenient with the feel and quality of a restaurant experience. 

Micro Market Snack & Drinks
micromarkets vending machines
Micro Market Fridges & Hot Drinks

All of our food is prepared fresh on a daily basis by our expert catering staff, and delivered to you early in the morning by qualified operators driving temperature controlled vans.

A micro market might sound like a lot, but we make sure that it works for your business. All of our micro markets are bespoke, designed to fit within your business, based on your needs.

You can also have a Micromarket as your main business catering solution, with a range of more traditional vending machines in other places in your business.

Micro Market Fresh Fruit Dispensing

If you’d like to see how a Micromarket can revolutionise catering in your business, get in touch by emailing info@abercrombyvending.com or calling us on 0141 554 2563 for more information.