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The inclusion of micro markets within businesses and corporations offers many benefits; one being the little maintenance and staff needed to take care of the set up. Our stress-free systems mean they are easy to use and involve no sales staff to run them. 

Now why are micro markets great? Many like to feature them in their workplace because they offer cost effective solutions. Due to our markets not requiring any staff to run them, it means business can cut the costs on part time staff. As we come out of the pandemic, many companies are looking for trusted solutions and areas where they can save money, and we believe micro markets are the perfect option. Furthermore, micro markets are great cost-effective solutions for smaller workplaces which feature a small workforce and don’t necessarily require traditional catering.  

So, how much staff is needed to run a micro-market? The only staff that will be involved is our team of highly trained professional who will install your very own micro-market and restock when needed. The great thing about this is that there’s little involvement needed and it’s covid safe. We would not enter your workplace unless it is needed, ensuring minimal interaction. 

Beat the queues with micro markets

Micro markets allow your employees to beat the queues, stay covid safe and have a plethora of food options within their workplace. Our micro markets will reduce interaction with others that you may come across whilst you pop to the shops. This means that employees don’t need to be concerned about contamination or missing time off work. 

Not only are micro markets cost effective, but they are also time effective, as colleagues will have great food options which suit their dietary requirements/preferences, saving them time on going out to get food. In addition, our hot and cold beverage and food options are reasonably priced, leaving more money for after work drinks. 

The workplace is beginning to evolve as many have staggered shifts and few in office workdays. Micro markets are a great cost-effective solution for businesses who rarely have a full space, where the staff don’t meet traditional catering numbers. Saving money on food, staff, services and food waste – why wouldn’t you want your very own micro-market? 

Offering a high quality and cost-effective solution which tackles the old working climate, our micro- markets will continue to evolve not only with the changing working world but with your business.  

So, if your keen to learn more about our micro-market systems and want to elevate your business to the next level, we welcome a call or email. Offering an in-depth service, you’ll learn how micro markets can specifically benefit your business. To learn more about us and get in touch, check out our website and let’s talk!