Abercromby is a family owned business established in 2005 to service a gap in the vending dispensing market. The rationale behind Abercromby was simple, to merge the talents of a caterer and vending engineer to form Scotland's first and exclusive fresh food vending company.


We at Abercromby understand that your staff members are pivotal to the running of your business. Why not reward them? Through our innovative On The Go card membership we can offer benefits such as cash back bonuses, a points reward scheme, and promotions on healthier food and drink. It’s administration free for our clients.

Staff members simply sign in top up their card online through WorldPay (the world’s leading payment gateway) and can then purchase from our vending facilities 24/7, 365 days per year.

Our system has the ability to link into existing staff passes as well as offering our own cards for the purpose of purchasing from the machines. The benefits for employees: There’s no need to carry cash, purses, wallets or bank cards, and there is access to discounted purchases and loyalty bonuses. The benefits for employers: A moral e-boosted workforce with a cashless fresh food catering facility around the clock, meaning less time spent off the premises.

Certifications and Awards

Abercromby is accredited by the Automatic Vending Association and the ISO. All of our staff members are approved to work in high security environments, partnering Glasgow Airport, Police Scotland and the NHS.


Abercromby Vending win Glasgow Commonwealth Games Contract

Abercromby were successful in winning a contract to have their fresh food vending machines in arenas for the durations of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.   
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Delighted Tracey Graham picks up the award from association boss Jonathan Hilder

A Glasgow vending firm is celebrating after winning an award for outstanding achievements. Abercromby Vending, based in Dalmarnock, provides companies with fresh, homemade food.   
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CHEERS: Co-founder Tracey Graham at the Commonwealth Arena in Glasgow.

A Glasgow company has won a contract to supply machines selling hot drinks in the Commonwealth Arena in the city, which it said could generate £2 million in additional sales.   
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