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Abercromby has recently seen a surge in demand for our fresh food vending catering services, replacing high-cost canteen facilities nationwide, providing a cost-effective, sustainable and quality service.

One of the many consequences of the pandemic has been the anxiety that comes with face to face contact & interaction, which in turn, has led to a growing confidence in vending machines, with the consumer now feeling more comfortable with the fresh food vending experience, with touch and interaction minimal through contactless payment methods, it is now seen as a completely hassle-free solution.

Contactless Payment

At Abercromby, we offer a range of great range of options that give you problem-free, contactless payment methods that do not compromise on their high quality.

We were established in 2005 with the sole aim of filling a gap in the fresh food catering market, and since then, we’ve offered a bespoke catering & vending solution to businesses across Scotland, keeping both the private sector and the public sector fed and happy.

Fresh food vending has massively evolved over the years, growing into a totally realistic catering solution for many businesses, with even more flexibility and convenience than a traditional canteen can provide.

We offer a wide range of options that provide a traditional canteen alternative, for businesses of any size.

For example, with our Micromarket vending, you’re able to offer a round-the-clock catering solution to both employees and customers, without the need to have your catering staff constantly present.

You might ask yourself;

“is a Micromarket the right fresh food vending solution for my business?”

We don’t offer a one size fits all solution

However, at Abercromby, we begin from scratch to build a custom Micromarket that meets your own business exactly. When it comes to our fresh food catering service, we understand that every business is different in their demands, this is why we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We have a wide range of scalable fresh food vending solutions, including hub fridges & markets as well as more traditional vending options. We can provide both cold and heat-to-eat fresh food, including hot and cold drinks and healthy snacks. All of our food is prepared fresh every day by our expert skilled caterers and distributed by our qualified and very experienced operatives.

We are positive that the customers and employees of Scotrail will thoroughly enjoy the wide variety of fresh food we have on offer for many years to come, and if you’d like to see how we can provide a bespoke fresh food vending service for your business, Call 0141 554 2563 or email info@abercrombyvending.com.