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With the sun starting to break through the storm clouds, and the world returning to its ‘new normal’, many businesses are now returning to their offices and places of business on a full-time basis, welcoming their staff back after a prolonged absence of time from the office.

Though fresh food vending is quite literally our ‘bread & butter’ at Abercromby, we also offer a range of corporate catering services and great fresh food for our clients.

Bespoke Corporate Catering

We can provide a bespoke corporate catering solution that exactly meets your business’ size & needs, and the dietary requirements of your colleagues or guests.

No business is too small, or too large, we’re are more than happy to provide corporate catering for a small office gathering, right up to large corporate AGMs and board meetings.

Have you got a big presentation or event coming up? And want to seal the deal with an engaging presentation, and a fresh food spread that sends your prospective clients away happy.

Letting a dedicated fresh food partner handle your corporate catering means less work for you, and fresh food delivered to your office or workplace, on time and problem free.

Delicious Fresh Food

All of our delicious fresh food is prepared every day and to order by our fantastic expert team of experienced caterers, and is hand delivered to you by our fully experienced operatives.

Our amazing fresh food solutions are now available, individually wrapped and packaged for your reassurance and comfort.
Want corporate catering services that’ll bring a gourmet experience into your office or workplace? Call 0141 554 2563 or email info@abercrombyvending.com.