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Abercromby installing a vending machine into your place of work provides a plethora of benefits for your business and your employees. They will boost your productivity and have the great advantage of being simple to manage. That’s why it’s no surprise that many businesses use Abercromby vending machines in the workplace.

Most organisations want a vending machine that isn’t just good for their employees and consumers but has advantages for their business as well. One of the best advantages of supplying vending machines rather than canteens, is that they are a lesser burden on facilities, finance and property space.

With Abercromby On The Go, we provide healthy fresh food catering and vending services across the entire breadth of Scotland. We offer a range of On The Go services, including traditional snack and cold drink vending, ranging to more bespoke services, like our revolutionary Micromarket offering.

Micro Markets are the future of the catering and fresh food vending industry. Offering an alternative to the vending machine, Our systems are a self service option that offers a high street experience in your work canteen.

Fresh food vending machines are helpful in other ways too…

Benefits of a vending machine in your business

1. Low overheads

Abercromby fresh food vending machines don’t require any skilled staff, which means no extra wages to pay. It also means you don’t have to pay any other of the other costs associated with employing staff for a canteen. Based on the average British salaries, organisations can save as much as a massive £30k a year by using vending solutions, rather than a fully staffed canteen. Ultimately, this means much lower overheads for your business or organisation.

All of our food is prepared fresh on a daily basis by our expert catering staff, and delivered to you early in the morning by qualified operators driving temperature controlled vans.

2. Abercromby vending machines are simple to manage

Once installed, our vending machines need little to no maintenance. Payment options are becoming more streamlined with solutions including contactless payment making it even easier to grab a snack.

Easily managed, your staff will use a contactless payment method to unlock the fridge, they can choose the food or drink and close the door, and the hub fridge or market will recognise what’s been purchased and will charge them accordingly. Plus, with the fridge only unlocking when contactless payment is used, with the smart Hub Fridges And Markets technology recognising what’s been taken by the customer, the risk of theft is reduced to zero.

3. Keeps staff onsite

Onsite food and drink means your staff can stay in your workplace. This helps you keep your duty of care to ensure top productivity. If your organisation is far from the shops, vending machines provide a vital service to your employees.

Keeping your staff on site also provides you with more opportunities to engage them in lunchtime activities that can help boost morale and employee engagement. When travelling for food is reduced to zero, your staff have more time to relax, socialise and recharge. And better employee engagement leads to 26% better profitability.

Our range of Hub Fridges and Markets take advantage of the latest technology to offer a cashless experience 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Plus, with the fridge only unlocking when contactless payment is used, with the smart Hub Fridges and markets technology recognising what’s been taken, the risk of theft is reduced to nill.

4. Abercromby vending machines can make money

An Abercromby vending machines in the workplace is very reliable. Join this with their extremely low overheads and you may find that your Abercromby vending machine is a great revenue stream for your organisation. You must also think about the savings you will make on not having to run a fully staffed canteen or provide snacks and drinks yourself.

Benefits of an Abercromby vending machines in the workplace

5. Fed employees v happy employees

We all love food don’t we? It’s one of life’s little pleasures, as well as being an important fuel for your employees. Having simple access to fresh food and drink makes your workers feel happy and engaged.

Most traditional standard vending machines that just contain crisps, drinks and bottled drinks are not the only option in food vending. Abercromby can supply a wide range of fresh food, healthy snacks and cold drinks in your hub fridge. All of our fresh food is prepared daily by our expert catering team.

6. Help support their lifestyle goals

Your vending machine should be stocked with the foods your staff actually want. This includes chocolate, crisps and sweet drinks for those deserving a treat. But, it can also include a range of healthy fresh food options for those employees who are focused on eating a responsible and balanced diet.

Promoting a healthy workplace is an extremely important part of your business. Many prospective employees consider a healthy workplace as a very positive attraction. People enjoy working in environments that feel more personal to them.

7. Abercromby vending machines help people optimise their lives

It can take up to 6 minutes to get a coffee at a coffee shop. This doesn’t include all the time it takes for your employees to leave their desk to get to the shop. The result is a loss of precious time that your employees could be better spent getting work done for you. Getting a Cappuccino from your vending machine can take as little as 20 seconds.

Vending machines also serve as gathering points for all levels of your staff, so they can socialise and relax while they stretch their legs. Employees will use a contactless payment method to unlock the fridge, then they can choose the food or drink of their choice and close the door, and the hub fridge or market will recognise what’s been purchased, and will charge them accordingly. 

8. Work smarter, not harder

Abercromby vending machines will give you the flexibility to work in a way that suits you. Canteens with strict serving times can restrict your businesses productivity. They can interrupt meetings and break the creative flow.

Hassle-free vending starts with the promise of totally dependable service and support. We have inhouse teams focused on delivering a fully managed service.

Abercromby fresh food vending gives you the ability to offer people a healthy option on the go, with more variety compared to snack vending.

Find out more about how our self-service vending machine solutions can benefit your workplace.